DB code: S00373

CATH domain : Rossmann fold Catalytic domain
CSA 2pth
M-CSA 2pth

CATH domain Related DB codes (homologues)

Uniprot Enzyme Name
UniprotKB Protein name Synonyms RefSeq Pfam
P0A7D1 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase
NP_415722.1 (Protein)
NC_000913.2 (DNA/RNA sequence)
YP_489471.1 (Protein)
NC_007779.1 (DNA/RNA sequence)
PF01195 (Pept_tRNA_hydro)
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KEGG enzyme name
aminoacyl-tRNA hydrolase
aminoacyl-transfer ribonucleate hydrolase
N-substituted aminoacyl transfer RNA hydrolase
peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase

UniprotKB: Accession Number Entry name Activity Subunit Subcellular location Cofactor
P0A7D1 PTH_ECOLI N-substituted aminoacyl-tRNA + H(2)O = N- substituted amino acid + tRNA. Monomer. Cytoplasm.

KEGG Pathways
Map code Pathways E.C.

Compound table
Substrates Products Intermediates
KEGG-id C03880 C00001 C03523 C00066
Compound N-Substituted aminoacyl-tRNA H2O N-Substituted amino acid tRNA
Type amino acids,amide group,nucleic acids H2O amino acids,amide group nucleic acids
ChEBI 15377
PubChem 22247451
2pthA Unbound Unbound Unbound Unbound

Reference for Active-site residues
resource references E.C.
literature [2],[3]

Active-site residues
PDB Catalytic residues Cofactor-binding residues Modified residues Main-chain involved in catalysis Comment
2pthA ASN 10;HIS 20;ASN 21;ASN 68;ASP 93;ASN 114

References for Catalytic Mechanism
References Sections No. of steps in catalysis

Comments X-ray crystallography
Medline ID
PubMed ID 9144799
Journal Proteins
Year 1997
Volume 28
Pages 135-6
Authors Schmitt E, Fromant M, Plateau P, Mechulam Y, Blanquet S
Title Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of Escherichia coli peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase.
Related PDB
Related UniProtKB P0A7D1
Comments X-ray crystallography (1.2 Angstroms)
Medline ID
PubMed ID 9303320
Journal EMBO J
Year 1997
Volume 16
Pages 4760-9
Authors Schmitt E, Mechulam Y, Fromant M, Plateau P, Blanquet S
Title Crystal structure at 1.2 A resolution and active site mapping of Escherichia coli peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase.
Related PDB 2pth
Related UniProtKB P0A7D1
Medline ID
PubMed ID 10213600
Journal Biochemistry
Year 1999
Volume 38
Pages 4982-7
Authors Fromant M, Plateau P, Schmitt E, Mechulam Y, Blanquet S
Title Receptor site for the 5'-phosphate of elongator tRNAs governs substrate selection by peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase.
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